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Say Again?! with Amrita Tripathi Featuring Shereen Bhan


On the debut episode of Say Again?! Amrita Tripathi reconnects with her former colleague, iconic journalist and Managing Editor, CNBC-TV18 Shereen Bhan to talk about her 25 year career in journalism, why she doesn’t take accolades and awards all that seriously, and what kindness has to do with leadership.They share some heartfelt memories in a no holds-barred conversation.  

In this episode, we explore: 

🔸 Navigating a successful journalism career 

🔸 The rise of startups in India 

🔸 The importance of empathy and human connection  

🔸Social media and authenticity

Do check out a transcript of our conversation below! 


In Conversation...

AT: You have so many awards and accolades, of course, you’re Managing Editor, CNBC TV 18. I was looking at some of the titles you picked up along the year, Best Business Anchor, you've been FICCI Woman of the Year, you've been the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leade…Do you ever get this feeling like, Hey, cool, I can chill for a bit? I have a feeling not!

SB: You know, I mean, I don't take any of this stuff seriously, not to say that it doesn't matter, or it is not appreciated, or it's not valued. But I don't. I'm a little detached from all of this. Because I think if there is one lesson that I've learned, to my own experience, as well as watching people around me is that if you start to get very closely involved with tags and labels, and awards and recognition and fame and the glory, you can, you know, end up being in a situation where you trap yourself into this kind of bubble, where suddenly, if something turns or if something gives away, you could end up seeing a sort of House of Cards kind of collapse happen. 

So, I've always tried to distance myself, from labels from the awards, etc. You know, I value them as a recognition of the work that I do, but I don't link that to my identity, I don't link that to my self worth. And I certainly don't believe in the fact that I'm the best anchor or I'm, you know, so on and so forth. Because I just think that that ends up putting into a situation where you stop listening to other people where you stop seeing what is happening around you, and you start living inside yourself. So in a way, living inside yourself is good. But sometimes, you know, too much of that can also can also be… not a particularly great thing to happen.



...So many great insights and quotes, so little time!

Do listen to the podcast and check out some of the quotable quotes and snippets on social! Let us know what resonates! 

For those of you want to check out the whole transcript, the link is below.

 (Transcribed by, lightly edited, but there may still be typos, be warned!)


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Weekend...Filmi Fun, Writing and More

Hi all,

Hope you're having a fab weekend, enjoying the rain... and some down-time! I know I definitely have.

I wanted to share a couple of things... first up, a teaser of our interview with Film Critic Shubhra Gupta for Harper Broadcast on her book 50 Films That Changed Bollwood.

Harper Broadcast: Sneak Peek
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The Writen Word:

  • Also up this week, a new avatar over on UC Web News @amritat (find me!).
    So far, I have a couple of short blogs up, including on the Need to Center... and how we all gotta be ready to SKILL UP!
  • Recently kicked in another draft of the old ball and chain (manuscript) -- fingers crossed on that one!
  • And our passion project over on The Health Collective continues, moving to third gear soon

New Skills:

  • Speaking of new skills, and as per the blog I'm hammering on about (above!) -- am working as a creative consultant (!) at a creative agency (!!) on a major project, that is (wait for it...) Make in India/ Digital Media. (Okay MII itself is not a project, it's an initiative, etc...)

Wishing you luck and a fab week ahead, folks!


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Hola Amigos

I hope your August is going well, and not quite as apocalyptic as it's starting to sound... 

(I'm kidding, I think...Though there's no dearth of bad news, personal and otherwise... We will of course aim to stay optimistic and hope that this isn't quite #EndofDays)

But, but, but: 

I've been busy over on the new project:, looking at mental health awareness, and what we can do to share stories, remove the stigma (collectively), and provide a database of resources. Those of you who are interesting in sharing stories or otherwise, do get in touch -- Email is best! You'll find more info here.

I've been a bit behind on the writing, and on checking in -- but pl feel free to mail with any q's or comments you have! Always happy to get feedback :)

Thanks, those of you who've tweeted photos of The Sibius Knot/ Broken News after reading it...  Lovely to hear from you.

Et voila, while mucking about on a photo collage maker, thought I'd share with you scenes from one rainy day, and a photo of TSK shared by a reader (and friend), as well as a scene from a shoot recce, at a school in Delhi.



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