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Amrita Tripathi is a freelance journalist and a novelist. 
On a break from Television News, Tripathi is presently an independent consultant, relatively free agent, novelist and collector of identities. She is passionate about gender rights and about raising awareness on mental health issues. 

Not as prolific a tweeter as she used to be, she nevertheless lives part of her life @amritat and now increasingly on @healthcollectif. She also tweets @harperbroadcast.

She writes contemporary fiction -- both of her novels Broken News and The Sibius Knot deal with the darker side of urban realities.

Tripathi writes about pop culture, foreign affairs, books, gender rights, health, mental health, and is often obsessed with the news.

Tripathi was a member of the launch team at CNN-IBN (India) and worked at the news channel as a Senior News Anchor, Health & Books Editor, Special Correspondent (New York) and Special Correspondent (Foreign Affairs) over a nine year stint. Prior to that, she cut her teeth at The Indian Express, working as a sub-editor, who wrote soulful 'Time-Out' pieces, book reviews and some features articles. Tripathi has also been a magazine columnist for Women's Health India, writing 'Singularity' for a few years. She was Editor at-large of SheThePeople.TV. 

She writes for various digital media platforms, and hosts a series of interviews with writers for Harper Broadcast, an initiative from HarperCollins India. Tripathi has been creative consultant on a few short films, on social issues like girl's education and raising awareness on child sex abuse. Her passion project is The Health Collective, and encouraging conversations on mental health. If moderating panels was a thing, she would also list that as a thing (but increasingly charges a fee for such work).

You'll find more here, and less on more here  and indeed a collection of her work dots this site*, which itself is a work in progress. Feel free to email with feedback, inquiries (within reason) or to leave a comment.

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